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Klamath River

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Leslie at Confluence Outfitters Reports on 8.25.2016

Hope all is well, and you’re getting out on the water. Just got off of the Klamath and the conditions were tough :)

The lower Klamath fishing has been slow. The spit at the river mouth has not blown yet, and the water continues to back up. Flows out of Iron Gate bumped up the flows and will most likely suck some fish in, so the conditions are looking up. The water temps are in the low 70’s, which is pretty typical for this time of year. For those of you who are concerned that those temps are too high, lets look at the watershed historically; its a warm water fishery with steelhead that have evolved over the millennia to acclimate and be comfortable in these temps. These are not trout and a different rule set applies.



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