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John Rickard at Wild Waters reports on 8.20.2015The McCloud river...

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John Rickard at Wild Waters reports on 8.20.2015

The McCloud river is holding strong with 2′ or more of visibility.  We have been seeing some very healthy fish come to the net.  Hatches are not easy to find but fish have been reacting to a variety of different bugs throughout the day and into the evening.  On the Lower Sac fishing remains hot.  These fish are really showing what the Lower Sac is all about, with some of the fattest bellies on trout I have ever seen.  If you feel like trout are easy to land, your not fishing here.  The Upper Sac is low and clear and the upper sections have been providing some good fishing for the less experienced anglers.  McCloud Res. is full of fish and were not having any problem picking up good numbers on any given day.  Some hatches are still happening out there in the early morning and later part of the evening.

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