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Clayton Ono 6/11 Fishing Report: Putah Creek

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North Valley Fly Fishing: Clayton Ono

Flows have increased to summer levels with the hot weather coming on strong this year, and they are running around 500-600+ cfs. They will stay in that range until late summer or early fall. Some days are better than others, as the fish are spreading out. More water means more places for fish to hide. Focus on a stealthy approach to the soft edges at first, then go heavy and deep through the faster deep runs.

Cover water to find fish and make sure to wade carefully this time of year. I like to keep a San Juan worm as the top fly to get their attention and cycle through various small Midges, Mayfliess, and Caddis patterns on the bottom until you start getting action. A drag free drift remains the key to success out here. Be ready to throw long casts, stack line upstream, and be ready to set the hook and strip line at the worst possible time. Hooking these summer fish is only a quarter of the battle, keeping them on a small hook when they’re in prime shape with high flows is the real challenge. Fishing the mornings and evenings will be the most comfortable for us anglers, but water temps will remain consistent in the high 50s and low 60s all summer long, providing for safe trout angling. 

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