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Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

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Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Hogan Brown Reports on 5.28.20

Lately, I have been spending the last few weeks back to guiding on the Lower Yuba River rowing the drift boat. In the next few weeks I will be transitioning to my normal summer/fall routine of striper fishing through October. I have plenty of openings still for some late spring early summer Yuba Trout trips and Summer Striper trips. I will post those dates below as well as my “COVID Era” adjustments to my guiding that I am practicing for everyones safety.


May 29

June 6, 8-10, 12, 17, 22-27, 29, 30

July 1, 6, 9, 10, 13-17, 20-25, 29-31

August 5, 22

Valley Striper Fishing – Fishing has been getting going on a few of the valley rivers as others have seen some BIG flows jumps and mud with the recent rains. Also anytime it rains and the temps drop like it did water temps drop as well slowing the bite.

The Feather is starting to enter into its summer fishing program with some stripers, Bass, and Shad. The feather is a really cool fishery and one that not many people fish…it is VERY challenging to navigate in the jet boat and fishing can be pretty technical but rewarding.

The Lower Sac blew out with the recent storms and is just coming back into shape. Clarity and flows are fishable but the water temps dropped slowing the bite down a bit. There are also good numbers of shad around and that can affect the bite but also pull our resident fish back up river so things are shapping up for a GREAT summer out here.

Early June on lower water summers can be AMAZING fishing on the Sac and Feather and I am definitely looking forward to getting out there more!

Lower Yuba River – Fishing has been good to great. The last storms added some color and flow to the river and we had some pretty silly fishing with the off color water. Even before and after with flows around 1300cfs and the water bordering on gin clear fish were feeding and active. Hatches have been mixed and inconsistent with the wind and weather of a normal spring. The last few days the most prolific hatches have been flights of little yellow sallies in the mid morning but I am sure with the heat forecasted hatches are going to be pushed to the morning and evening. I did see my first few golden stoneflies flying around and there was plenty of dark caddis when the weather cooperated as well as a few late PMD’s but the fish were not up any of the days I was on the water…we managed a few fish blind casting caddis dries but there was no consistent risers that I could find. I am sure the bite will tighten up with the heat but consistant weather should get some hatches going even if they are early and late. Ounce the weather goes back to mid 80s next week I am sure fishing will be good again. The average size of fish on the Yuba has been very good as well. We are seeing numerous FAT 16-18” fish each day and then plenty of hard fighting 12-14” fish.

Most of our fish are coming on nymphs under the indicators but in spots we are blind casting caddis dries and pulling some smaller fish up. Rubber legs, Red Copper Johns, birds nests, Amber Wing Dictators, and Yuba Pupas have been getting the most fish. Fish seem to be caddis and atttractors that fit the “little Yellow Sallie” profile. Riffles have fished better then flats and that goes with what the fish seem to be favoring as there are not mayflies coming off in any number to pull them to the flats and mayfly nymphs are hard to get a grab on.

June can be a great month on the river and I usually spend a few days out there as long as it doesn’t get too hot so I am looking forward to throwing some big golden stone dries and nymphs myself.


- I ask that anyone who books a trip be healthy and have not been exposed to anyone that is sick or has been heavily exposed. 
- Clients can cancel at any time without penalty if they are not feeling well, feel they have been exposed, or are not comfortable with coming or traveling. 
- I will not be providing lunch, I will ask that clients provide their own lunches. 
- Water will be provided in disposable water bottles. While this pains me, I think it is the safest thing and is the recommended thing to do. 
- I will sterilize all gear and my boat everyday based on recommendations.
- Hand sanitizer will be provided in the the boat for clients to use. 
- Face covers in the form of "Buffs" is recommended but not required, and if it makes clients more comfortable I am OK wearing my own N95 mask.
- Clients will be met at boat ramps and not transported in my vehicle (short rides from meeting spots will be an exception on drift trips) from hotel/motel with drift boat trips shuttles are TBD.
- I will be offering half day, full day, and evening trips with flexible meeting times to allow for same day travel. 

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