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Ultra Squid
Ultra Squid

Aqua Flies

Ultra Squid

$ 7.50

The Ultra Squid is a pattern that encompasses many features that are enticing to a steelhead. Materials that breath. A natural silhouette. Barred and speckled just like a natural living creature. Unique to the Ultra Squid is the rigging. Using 50 pound Spider Wire threaded through tubing and hitched to an AquaTalon hook. The combination of the two makes it possible to position the hook up or down by simply rotating the tubing. The rigging is the best of both worlds and better than any wire or braid alone . The hook is fixed in the ideal location in the fly to maximize ideal hook up with excellent flexibility and no bending or breakage like wire. The hook can easily be replaced by pushing the tubing up the hook bend enough to release the girth hitch. The Ultra-Rig allows the angler to replace the hook without damaging the trailer loop. The only fly tied commercially with such a unique rigging.