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Tiemco TMC 600 SP Hook


Tiemco TMC 600 SP Hook

$ 24.50

The TMC600SP is a modern big game saltwater hook that showcases Tiemco’s barbed round Super Point (SP). The SP features a hollowed curve point and triangulated edges that sharpen easily. The gradually tapered point also lowers the resistance of hook penetration, resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding ability. The shape of the SP on larger hooks was also designed to help streamer flies track better in the water by functioning like the keel of a ship. The TMC600SP is made with high quality carbon steel for superior strength, and the eyes on all sizes are sized to accommodate shock tippets. It also contains a corrosion-resistant black nickel finish to ensure your flies won’t spook your next target.

4/0, 8 pack
3/0, 9 pack
2/0, 10 pack
1/0, 12 pack
#1, 14 pack
#2, 14 pack