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Swiss CDC Multiclamp Minus

Natures Spirit

Swiss CDC Multiclamp Minus

$ 45.00

With the new "Multiclamp-Minus", Swiss CDC succeeded in designing a small clamp in which the width has been reduced and the clamping force enormously increased. 

With the Multiclamp-Minus the fly tyer holds in their hands probably the strongest compact clamp available on the fly tying market.

The lasered grid for the proportioning of the tying material has been refined to 2.5mm. Through an additional vertical attachment of the grid, the tying material can now also be measured and fixed in the tying height. This makes it possible to always take exactly the same lengths of material into the loop. 

Due to the narrower clamping bar, reduced in width, even the shortest hairs can now be taken directly from the saddle/cape or fur.

Each clamp is given a consecutive number during production, making it unique.  

This clamp is also available in left-hand models.