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Surface Seducer Howitzer Popper


Surface Seducer Howitzer Popper

$ 8.95

SKU 34130

Offer predatory fish a vulnerable easy meal with the Surface Seducer Howitzer Popper, designed to imitate a baitfish sipping at the surface with its body dangling down in the water. This popper is ideal for predatory freshwater and saltwater fish species that feed on the surface, such as smallmouth, largemouth, stripers, redfish, snook, and more.

Effortlessly trigger loud pops to attract fish
The deep cup of the Surface Seducer Howitzer popper head allows for powerful popping action… And strikes! Boom!

Lifelike swimming action
Not only does the Howitzer's articulated body create realistic movement due to the Fish-Skull Articulated Fish-Spine system, but it's designed to hang down enticingly in the water as a wounded baitfish would. Even when you're not actively stripping your fly line to pop the Howitzer, the tail will continue to articulate in the current. This provides the fish you're targeting with added incentive to strike as many predatory gamefish prefer to hunt wounded prey.

Tough and durable
The Howitzer popper can take a beating from catching fish. The "soft-bite" closed-foam head coated with flexible epoxy will not crack or break, extending the life of your fly. The saltwater hook makes it suitable for all fishing environments.