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Sumo Suction Rod Mounts  - 1
Sumo Suction Rod Mounts  - 2

Sumo Rodmounts

Sumo Suction Rod Mounts

$ 149.95

  • SUMO can transport up to 6 rods of all types.
  • Staggering or offsetting the rods so the reels don’t interfere with each other provides more space.
  • Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface making them more versatile than magnets.
  • Properly used, suction mounts provide vastly superior adhesion and can withstand much higher speeds, crosswinds and really rough “roads”.
  • Suction mounts can adhere to slightly curved surfaces.
  • Suction mounts are more sensitive to cold temperatures and wet and dirty surfaces. Really cold, wet and dirty surfaces can inhibit adhesion.