Striper Fly Rod, Reel, Line, Leader and Flies - Complete Outfit - Bay $550

The Bay is often teaming with stripers and if you are looking for a rig that will cast well and always have a place in your arsenal this is your kit. First, we chose the Redington Predator 8wt Fly Rod because of it excellent casting abilities, durability, saltwater safe components, and incredible price at 299.95. We similarly chose the Redington Behemoth 7/8wt because of it's smooth drag, durable construction and great price point at $109.95. For running line we chose the OPST Lazar Line 50lb an absolutely epic choice for bombing shooting heads and large flies out into the bay. It is the most supple, durable and tangle free running line we have come across. Your shooting head like all of the LCO Striper Outfits is the Rio Outbound Shooting 8wt Intermediate Head. We include a spool of tippet fluorocarbon tippet and 8 proven striper flies so you are ready to rock from the minute you get your outfit. Oh and as your local fly shop we will give you some spots to go fish!

Category: Bay, Striper

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