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Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head Kit


Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head Kit

$ 180.00

SKU 30374

***Make Sure you Select some sort of Running Line for these shooting heads***

Ever wanted to have all the necessary heads for our California Coast in one convenient package?  This Shooting head kit is exactly that.  With this kit, you'll have everything you need for casting to predatory fish in the waves.  It comes complete with:

One Type Intermediate Shooting Head: (1-2ips)

  • The Intermediate head is definitely a must have for any fisherman trying to key in on fish in the bay.   The San Francisco Bay is surprisingly shallow at an average of 12-15 feet deep. Keep in mind that this number is skewed by the 300 foot depth under the Golden Gate.  Most of the water you’ll be fishing will be somewhere between 5-10 feet deep and more often than not in the interior of the bay the fish will be holding up closer to the surface chasing bait.  An intermediate head is a great tool for fishing the top 3 feet of the water column.
One Type 3 Shooting Head: (3-4ips)
  • This is our favorite head for Crissy Field.  This is your in between sink tip which is only fitting because Crissy is a perfect example of calmer surf conditions being just inside the golden gate.  This is also a great line for calmer surf conditions at more shallow graded beaches. We have done really well out at Stinson when the conditions line up with a sink 3.
One Type 8 Shooting Head: (8-9ips)
  • Tungsten lines are extremely dense and allow us to get down as far as we want in the current. Tungsten lines come in a variety of different weights T-8 (7wt) , T-11 (8wt) , T-14 (9wt) , T-17 (10wt) These lines are level, meaning they have no taper to them, so they tend to not be as easy to cast for beginners as the Outbound Shorts from Rio but we’ve been extremely impressed with their performance out on the water. Their thin diameter makes them a little nicer for cutting through the heavy winds all to common on the beaches.

One Free Rio Head Wallet To keep it in one small and convenient package.