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Nam Original DH 7137-4
Nam Original DH 7137-4

Nam Products

Nam Original DH 7137-4

$ 950.00

"Megatron".  Don't be afraid of the length, this isn't anything like any of the 13'7 rods you've ever cast in the past.  How light this long of a rod is in your hands will seriously shock you.  This length helps you huck mega and make huge mends in big water to slow your swing down.  At home all over larger PNW and BC rivers.  This rod will turn a tidewater fish, and cast a gamechanger type head across most mid sized river in the right hands.

Fishery Example:  Lower rogue, lower Klamath, clearwater, Smith, Eel, Sandy, Hoh, Bogacheil, Queets, Bulkley, Dean, Skeena, Babine.

Grain Window: 475-550


  • Length 13'7"
  • AFTM #7
  • Parts 4-pcs
  • Rec. head wt from 27gram+ | 420grains+
  • Rod weight
  • Rec. conditions Light presentation at long distance 
  • Blank Graphene strengthened 
  • Grip Delgado quality fullwells with fighting butt
  • Reelseat Triangular black custom full aluminum
  • Guides Titanium single leg with titanium stripper-guides
  • Detail Red mark for measure at 100cm | 40"