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Mike Mercer's Epoxy Back Biot Golden Stone Nymph


Mike Mercer's Epoxy Back Biot Golden Stone Nymph

$ 3.25

Mike Mercer is a truly exceptional modern fly tyer, notably for his clever uses of natural and synthetic materials. His ingenious series of “Poxyback” mayfly nymph patterns exemplifies this ability to mash up materials to create a wildly effective fly.

Mercer’s Bead Head Epoxy Biot Golden Stonefly is the logical extension of the Poxyback style from the mayfly to the stonefly, and serves as an excellent imitation of the golden stonefly in its mature nymph or emerger life stage. With its thin profile, biot-wrapped body, wiggly feather gills, flashy bead head, and “wet” epoxy shell, this smartly dressed fly is sure to pick fight with the biggest trout in your favorite pool!


Notes on the Designer:

A Redding Native, Mike Mercer is a self-proclaimed “hopeless fly fishing junkie with an incurable addiction to the vise.” Such honest and direct words are not surprising from Mr. Mercer, a fly angler and tyer known for his innovative uses of fly tying materials and creative fly designs. Mike uses the rivers of Northern California as testing ground for flies that will be taken all over the world