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Lost Coast Outfitters

Lost Coast Outfitters Surf Fly Rod | Ocean Beach - Rod Section

$ 50.00

LCO Ocean Beach - Tip Section
LCO Ocean Beach - 2nd Section
LCO Ocean Beach - 3rd Section
LCO Ocean Beach - Butt Section
LCO Ocean Beach - Tube
Ocean Beach Blank


The Ultimate 2 Hand Beach Rod for casting large flies in the wind 

Length: 11 feet

Weight: Single hand equivalent of a 9/10wt, switch rod 7/8wt

Fishing our local bays and beaches have changed the way we feel about living in the bay area. If you live in the bay and are not interacting with the ocean on a regular basis you are doing it wrong. We fish more than our friends who live in other fishy destinations like Idaho and Montana.

Our love of the surf has pushed us to create a switch rod that will do more than just work, we built it to crush the surf. We designed this rod because most two-handed rods are designed to spey cast and we've historically had to make do with two-handed rods that were designed for a completely different style of fishing.

When you are dealing with migratory fish you have small windows of opportunity to really get 'em. This is why it's so devastating when your rod breaks in the middle of the season and you have to send it in to be repaired. We built an absurd amount of extra parts so no one has to experience that kind of heartbreak. Over-the-counter part replacement solves this issue. 

The Lost Coast Outfitters Golden Gate Surf Rod was designed from the ground up to Striper from the beach.

Unlock your home water with the LCO Ocean Beach.

The ultra-light design of the LCO Ocean Beach Surf Rod employs the latest graphite/graphene technology to allow anglers the ability to alternate between single hand and two-handed fishing. When the wind is howling and the fish are biting, the LCO OB is the rod you will reach for every time. Leave it in two pieces, strung up, and ready to rock. Hard to beat the prework/evening sesh. 

2-Hands for 2 reasons. Two-handed rods are like a cheat code for extra distance. If you are a newer angler or longtime anger who has yet to master the double haul the 2 handed rods will get you in the game and have you getting more distance than ever before. For more experienced casters, it becomes a matter of efficiency.

Why work harder? Slow down, false cast less, and fish more.

Designed for the Salt. Built entirely with salt safe components and with impact resistance in mind, our Surf Rods are designed to be on the beach. While you should always rinse your gear, salt safe components go a long way to ensure that your gear is ready to go for every sesh. 

Line it up. Designed to cast 425-450grains this rod was designed with casting t-14 in mind. For slower sink rates we like the 10wt Rio Outbound Heads. 

Never wait for a rod repair again. While we designed this rod to be super tough, the nature of the surf and life for that matter is that things break. All repairs can be done the same day over the counter in the shop or mailed out. 

Oversized Tube. Those who fish often tend not to be huge fans of rod tubes. In fact, your rod doesn't want to be stashed away in its tube. It wants to be fished. If I have to have one I want one that will hold more than one rod. So if you are headed on a plane and need to bring a couple of rods the tube will hold 4 single-handed rods or 2 Double handed rods up to 11ft long. The triangular design is to keep it from rolling off a conveyer belt should you have to check them in. The Cordura and ABS plastic design will make it safe to bring as a carry-on. 

One Rod Many Uses. While we refused to compromise on surf fishing prowess; there were some fortunate discoveries. 

From Ocean Beach to the Olympic Peninsula, this rod has game. 

For steelhead, the LCO OB casts a Skagit Short 500 gr head for steelhead on the Klamath and Trinity. If you want a more delicate presentation in the summer months a 450 Scandi will have you skating dry flies to steelhead. 

Warranty: Replacement sections are $50 for tips (you can pre purchase one if you like) $60 for the 2nd and 3rd sections and $100 for a handle.

Custom Build Option. Interested in building out your own custom rod using an Ocean Beach blank? We have you covered — select "Rod Blank" to purchase one.