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Laguiole Knife 12cm with Corkscrew
Laguiole Knife 12cm with Corkscrew

Forge De Laguiole

Laguiole Knife 12cm with Corkscrew

$ 260.00

My family is from very near the town in France where these knives are made. When a new Revel is born they are given one of these knives to celebrate the birth. I have mine and cherish it.

This Laguiole corkscrew knife is entirely handmade in the village of Laguiole and features: Forged T12 stainless blade, bolster and liners. This piece also features the traditional shepherd cross found on most high-end traditional Laguiole cutlery and a decorated spring top and bee.Handmade in the village of Laguiole, France Forge de Laguiole knives are truly and by far of the highest quality offer in the market today. Additionally, each one of this masterpiece is entirely handmade by the same craftsman to ensure pride in the completed piece.

This is a "Laguiole 2 Piece". Here is a little history: The corkscrew was added to the Laguiole knife in the 1880s. This addition was the result of the sale of corked wine bottles in urban society, but also in response to the request by the people of Aveyron who had left to find work in the cafes of Paris. Cafe owners and waiters were to remain loyal to their traditions and were proud to use their 2-piece knife in the capital.