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Frog's Fanny

Frogs Fanny

Frog's Fanny

$ 8.30

SKU 36188


Frog's Fanny is the dry fly anglers best friend. This desiccant (drying agent) and powder floatant is fast, easy to use and keeps your flies on top. The powder extracts moisture, and traps air bubbles onto the fly, keeping it riding high and dry. Best used on dry flies for hatch fishing situations when keeping small flies on top and in the seam is critical. Unlike most floatants, Frog's Fanny works well with CDC.


  • Powder floatant and drying agent in one
  • Easy to use brush application
  • Use on all dry flies, including CDC

Directions for use

Unscrew lid, pull out applicator brush and brush onto your fly. Rub powder into the fly with your fingers for deeper penetration. Works on soaked flies or new flies. Alternatively, small flies will fit in the container. Drop in fly attached to leader into container. Hold you thumb over the top and shake a few times. False cast or blow on fly to remove excess powder. Brush Frog's Fanny onto your nymphs and soft hackles too. The air bubbles created by the powder mimic the bubbles found on emerging insects and create a sparkly, fish attracting effect.

Warning: be careful using this product in windy conditions. The fine powder can blow off the brush before application to the fly.