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Fly Fish the Surf

Anglers Book Supply

Fly Fish the Surf

$ 15.95

SKU 1194

Fly-fishing the surf is not easy, but it is fun. If you are up to the challenge, the rewards include a large variety of fish species and epic battles, all while hanging out at the beach!

Lee has been fishing the surf for over 40 years and in this colorful book he breaks the sport down to the basics. Finding beach structure; surf species; flies and fishing techniques; gear for all fishing styles, conditions, and budgets. You will find it all inside.

Whether you live near the beach, or plan on visiting one, Fly-Fish the Surf will bring you success out on the wet sand.


About the Author:

Lee's love of fishing began at an early age when his maternal grandfather showed him how to catch musky in the lakes of Northern Wisconsin. After his family moved from Milwaukee to Oxnard, California in the early 60's, that love continued, not only at the local lakes in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, but on the beach, where he grew up.

Lee fishes the So. California surf at least 300 days per year; whether guiding for his business, 'FLY FISH THE SURF' or just for fun, Lee has caught barred surf perch, corbina, halibut, leopard shark, striped bass and all of the other surf species. When Lee is not fishing in salt water, you can find him in the local canals guiding for carp.