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Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt
Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt
Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt
Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt
Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt
Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt

Simms Fishing

Simms New G4 Pro Boot Felt

$ 329.95

  • Wading boots are asked to do the impossible: the Simms G4 Pro must stand up to extreme abuse while also transporting us to and from the water with a measure of comfort. For many of us in the shop, the new Simms G4 Pro represents the finest combination of these two essential capabilities we have yet encountered in a boot. They go on and off with supreme ease like a hiking boot and retain their shape even after the most extreme shifts in temperature and long days on the water. The Simms G4 Pro manage to combine supreme stiffness where you want it with a supple glide-like feel when walking in a straight line. The uppers are completely bullet proof and achieve a perfect tension without either cutting off your circulation or loosening up. In short, Simms has outdone themselves with the G4 Pro. They make you feel safe and nimble at the same time, and we cannot recommend them highly enough.  
  • Simms G4 Pro Rubber versus Felt? 

    Rubber boots are generally better out of the water while felt can be fantastic in streams with a lot of moss and rocks that are covered in plant life.  Always check regulations: felt is not allowed in Yellowstone, Alaska, and New Zealand. Do be careful: in the winter felt has been known to freeze and make life on the bank a bit slippery! There are particular waterways, Putah Creek in particular, that many guides insist on felt to wade.  Cleats can take some getting used to but can be life saver in big and fast water like the Madison.  We recommend having cleats on hand as some guides in areas with fast water require them.  

    Alumibite versus Hardbite?

    Cleats can be a very useful addition to your wadding tool kit.  The Simms Alumibite is softer than the Hardbite and so conforms to the surface of the rock with each use.  The HardBite is generally useful in more extreme conditions.  With any stud we recommend starting with 5 in each boot and only adding more if you feel it necessary.  

    Simms G4 AlumiBite Cleats 

    Simms G4 HardBite Cleats 

    TPU overlays for increased durability
  • Rubber anchors to secure studs
  • Molded protective toe cap
  • Low profile lace loops to reduce line-catch
  • Item # PG-12627
FABRIC TECH: Outsole- 12mm felt with Vibram® Idrogrip rubber perimeter ;Upper- highly abrasion-resistant mesh
APPROX. WEIGHT: 69oz a Pair M's Size 11