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Audubon Pocket Guides: Trees (Western)

Anglers Book Supply

Audubon Pocket Guides: Trees (Western)

$ 10.95

80 beautiful, close-up photographs opposite interesting, informative text in small (6" x 4"), easy-to-carry-on-the-trail volumes. We own several of these guides and the children have referred to them again and again. The narrative is brief, not overbearing, but still enough to whet the appetite for more research, or to inspire budding nature-lovers to search for the real life specimen pictured. To better describe the text (the exact format varies depending on the book), the Familiar Mammals book has, opposite each photograph, a map showing where in North America this animal might be found, a print of the animal's tracks, general information, how to identify this animal, similar species, habitat and range. Books with Eastern/Western divisions roughly follow the Rockies in the U.S