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Fly Fishing The Black Canyon

June 15th-18th | Black Canyon Anglers | Salmon Fly Hatch | 38°34′0″N 107°43′0″W

The Gunnison River is the 5th Steepest defending river in the United States. It was when the movie hatch was released that the Gunnison river shot near the top of most anglers bucket list trips. This trip was lead by Western Rivers Conservancy an incredible non-profit that purchase critical land and rivers in effort to protect, preserve and make public. This group was made up of supporters of Western Rivers Conservancy and guides from Black Canyon Anglers. The company on the water perhaps the only thing that rivaled the beauty and quality of this fishery.  
Gear strewn about waiting to find it's home for the next 3 days
Looking for risers on the Black Canyon of Gunnison River
Excellent Guides by Black Canyon Anglers
Rainbow on the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River
First fish of the trip when we spotted a some splash marks on the canyon wall. When the fish would rise the gulp would amplified off of the canyon wall. 
Putting the new Sage X to the test
With as many salmon flies there were fly around a good bit of this goes on. 
Brown trout make up about 80% of the trout population. 
Temps pushing trip digits knowing where to find shade is crucial.
Some fancy oar work is needed in a few of the class IV's on a long the way
The clean up boat arriving to camp last.
Noah pulls a nice take out fish in front of camp. You have to admit catching the biggest fish of the day after every boat fished through a spot is a good a feeling. 
 Will fishing well into the night re rigs and tries to get a few more fish before the steaks are done
Success is waking up to views like this. 
Our trusty fleet lined up and ready to go. 
Time slows down on a 3 day float. 
The canyon walls we formed roughly 1.7 billion years ago and carved out by the Gunnison river. 
My trust LCO Wool Ball cap goes everywhere with me. 
Salmon Flies filled the air at times. 
An abundant and healthy brown population exists in the turbid waters. 
A large salmon caught trying to steal some of my delicious Sierra Nevada IPA
The group had great fishing. I feel like someone was always hooked up
A few class III and IV rapids will make you zip your bag and tie down your gear. 
Another beautiful brown trout is fooled by a Purple Chubby Chernobyl 

I hear septemeber can be quite nice... Until next time Gunny