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Winston Boron III X 9'6" 6wt Fly Rod

Winston Fly Rods

Winston Boron III X 9'6" 6wt Fly Rod

$ 845.00

Winston has improved the greatest all-around rod series ever made. For 2016, they have upgraded the Boron III X rods incorporating their new friction-free ‘Shooting Guides” to take the world’s best performing fly rods and make them even better. These rods now shoot line effortlessly, allowing you to generate even more line speed without compromising the smooth feel of the rod. Featuring advanced Boron III materials and technology, these incredibly lightweight, powerful, fast action rods have an even broader casting range - the widest casting range of any series they make. The added energy of Boron allows the angler to effortlessly control the line speed by speeding up or slowing down the casting stroke while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. This makes them ideal all-around rods for the vast majority of situations an angler may encounter, whether it’s making highly accurate, long distance casts or delicate, precise presentations up close.