Umpqua Professional Guide UPG Midge Fly Box

The UPG Midge Fly Box is the perfect box for the small stuff. Its slim profile and size allows you to slip it easily into most any shirt or vest pocket. We've coined it the "Midge Fridge" because the Umpqua Professional Guide UPG Midge Fly Box can hold more flies than we have time to tie. An essential piece of gear for anyone wading the high mountain streams of the Rockies or blue ribbon rivers where midges rule!

  • 1.25" Slim Profile
  • See-Through Lids
  • Magnetic Compartments
  • Micro-Slit Foam
    • - Easy Extraction of Micro Patterns
    • - Holes to Easily Guide Fly Placement
  • Lid Configuration: Slim/Slim
  • Weatherproof
  • Zerust® Corrosion Protection – No More Rusted Hooks

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