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Tacky Big Bug Box
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Tacky Fly Fishing

Tacky Big Bug Box

$ 31.95

Really happy to see innovation in the fly box arena. The Tacky Fly Box's silicon insert is leaps and bounds ahead of the close cell foam that all other fly boxes are currently using. Not only is it super durable; it does not absorb any water. It is a very well thought our box that is easy to load.
The Tacky Big Bug Box is the perfect addition to the Tacky Fly Box line for big streamers and large dries. And with enough room inside to fit large bugs but still maintaining a slim profile it won't add too much bulk to your favorite fishing pack. 

  • Patent pending silicone insert that holds flies tighter
  • Clear lid for visible access to flies
  • Latch-less mangnetic closure system
    • Long lasting durability
    • Durability tested
  • Extremely durable polycarbonate box
  • Lanyard hook system
  • Hinge stop


7″   3.5″  x  1.125

7 oz