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Snowshoe Dun BWO


Snowshoe Dun BWO

$ 2.95

Does the hair from the feet of snowshoe rabbits have magical properties? Jim Cannon thinks so:
• The hair is water–repellant and very buoyant
• It is crinkled but still very soft and very fine. Thus, unlike calf tail, it fills a lot of space without needing a large amount of fibers.
• It has a wonderful sheen and natural sparkle with a translucent quality.
• It traps a lot of air
• Stiff enough to stand upright, it remains a very tough and durable hair fiber.
• It can be dyed in varying colors. In the last few years, many have experimented with snowshoe rabbit for dry flies, but very few have created dries of such great beauty as these by Jim Cannon. Heck, he's been tying with snowshoe hair for 15 years.