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Simms Intruder Boot - Rubber

Simms Fly Fishing

Simms Intruder Boot - Rubber

$ 179.95 $ 125.95

The Simms Intruder boot is an excellent wet wading boot for the "hardcore all day wet wader."  They have a great neoprene seal to keep debris out, but this seal also makes them hard to get on and off, something our older/less flexible anglers might not appreciate. If you are spending a lot of time in the boat your feet can get quite soggy. These are my go to wet wading boot when I am hiking and fishing hard. 

I spent the summer wet wading in the Simms Intruder Boot. At the end of the summer they have earned a place in my arsenal of fishing boots. First, they are super comfortable and agile for a wading boot. The build in gravel guard and narrower last makes guard socks a thing of the past if you own these boots. They fit pretty true to size (and available in half sizes) and don't need to be upsized, but I still recommend trying them on at the shop. They are available in both rubber and felt. I prefer the hiking ability and agility I get from rubber so I have not worn felt in years. You can add studs to both the felt and the rubber. I also prefer the lighter color of the rubber because it reflects light and heat as opposed to absorbing. 

The cons... Tough to get on and off, the neoprene seal wants to hang on to your heel. The other con I noticed is they are prone to the funk, not terribly so but I definitely washed mine out with dawn soap at the end of the season.