Seamaster Mark I Fly Reel

In the early 1960s, Captain Bob McChristian, Jr. introduced a revolutionary fly reel to the world that instantly became a favorite for fresh and saltwater anglers worldwide.  The Seamaster™ Mark I, nicknamed “The Baby Doll,” became the most-desired and sought after reel by the entire fly-fishing community.  The Seamaster™ Mark I became so popular that it outsold all other models at a rate of 8 to 1. The Seamaster™ Mark I had many notable catches over the years, including a 38-pound Permit, 90-pound Tarpon, 60-pound Sailfish, 100-pound shark, 45-pound Cobia, 46-pound Snook, and bonefish too numerous to count.  It is a precision made fly reel, built like a tank and light as a feather, capable of landing huge fish, and serving your fly-fishing needs for many lifetimes. The Seamaster™  Mark I is truly a timeless piece of fishing gear every discriminating angler will always treasure

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