Sage Circa - The Ultimate Light Tippet Fly Rod

If you are looking for the best dry fly rod money can buy the Sage Circa 489-4 blows the competition out of the water. Delicate presentations, superb fish fighting abilities (even on the 7x tippet), and excellent casting taper have earned the Sage Circa 4wt it's place at the top of our list for dry fly sticks. 

The Sage Circa 4 Weight Review - By George Revel

I want to premise this with the fact that I am very critical of fly rods. I don’t believe in buying a new rod because there is a newer version out, but rather fishing the great rods whenever they were made. Now, I have to admit there was a time in my life where I was caught up in fast rods that were capable of great feats of casting. 15 years later my taste in fly rods has developed to appreciate the fish fighting capabilities of softer action rods. Think about it; How is a fast action rod (or stiff rod) going to act as a dampening tool when fighting fish compared with a softer action fly rod. I had been going through a tough streak landing fish for the past couple of years especially when fishing light tippets. For me that all that changed when I switched to the Sage Circa.

The Sage Circa blends beautifully the casting and fish fighting needs of technical dry fishing.

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