Laguiole Knife 11cm Ebony/Brass

My family is from very near the town in France where these knives are made. When a new Revel is born they are given one of these knives to celebrate the birth. I have mine and cherish it.

  • Size: 11 cm / 4: 3/8 in (closed) 8 in (open) - Weight: 2.7 oz - 77 g
  • Blade & Spring/Bee: Forged    T12 steel. Produced exclusively for Forge de Laguiole, T12 steel combines durability, rust resistance and ease of sharpening. Forge de Laguiole unique methods of forging, combined with tempering, give this cutter a perfect cutting edge. The T12 steel comes from the Isere region of France.
  • Bolsters: Cold-forged solid brass
  • Handle Material: Ebony, world darkest wood Origin: Africa

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