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2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year! We can't help but be grateful for all of the incredible experiences, people, and lessons that it brought. Before reading anymore of this message you should if you have not already:
Now on to 2016’s first campfire thoughts:
Angling, different than fishing, has become the language in which we communicate with the natural world. When you wade in a river year after year, observing it with a critical, detective like perspective, your comprehension grows stronger. This language is the family heirloom I cherish most, passed down to me by my father and grandfather. Every year I feel more strongly that we need to do everything in our power to advocate and behave in the best interest of the places we love. Lost Coast Outfitters was able to contribute to amazing organizations this year through our time, efforts, and fundraising. The efforts and effects of our conservation partners are astonishing. They are realistic, strategic and effective.
Here are just a few examples of great work accomplished in CA:
Our mission has always been to keep the Bay Area Angling community strong.
2015 was not without it's blunders. Perhaps the most disappointing was the Klamath River deal falling through. Several conservation organizations, tribes, and Agricultural groups worked together to lob a slow pitch to congress and congress whiffed Read more here.
“The reasoning behind the dam removal doesn’t hold up,” Doug LaMalfa, Ca Congressman 1st district, said, calling the logic for removing the dam “lousy.” He argued his point by stating he believes the water pact is about political power and not science. Read more
Doug LaMalfa…WTF?!?? Even the fertilizer guy was on board.
I know Trout Unlimited’s Senior Attorney, Brian Johnson, and so many others poured their heart and soul into this project. While it is truly pitiful that congress squandered such a monumental opportunity, it is no surprise.
In order to help the places we love, we need more people to love them. We hope you will join us in pursuing and spreading the art and science of angling. While angling is not for everyone I truly hope that everyone can find something through which they can communicate with nature. Maybe we should teach Doug LaMalfa to be an angler. Perhaps his fish karma funk would serve as the banana in the boat and he wouldn’t catch a thing.
Nearly every person reading this played a role in making 2015 a great year and we can’t thank you enough.
Here’s to good people,
George Revel