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OPST Commando Head
OPST Commando Head


OPST Commando Head

$ 64.99

The next spey revolution is here. Designed by the legendary guide and spey caster, Ed Ward, OPST Commando heads are exceptionally powerful, smooth and easy to cast. Built for single-hand, switch and two-handed casting, take on big bugs, heavy sink tips and wind like no other. 

These very compact, floating, shooting heads excel at sustained anchor style casting. Think Skagit style casting like the "Snap-T" or roll casting in tight quarters. While these heads will take your two-handed casting to the next level, they will revolutionize your single-hand experience. From trout to bass to saltwater, the power and ease with which the OPST Commando heads will throw a sink tip, heavy streamer or indicator set up must be experienced. You'll never fish the same again. 

  • 14 sizes from 150-475 grains, from 12-18' in length cast on all rods 3-10 weight
  •  Front and rear loops featuring printed line ID