Nautilus NV-G 9/10 Weight Fly Reel

Drag, design and performance make the NV-G the ultimate fly reel.  The G-Spool design transforms your NV reels into uber-arbor fly reels that pick up line faster than any other comparable reel in the market. The G-Spool (Giga Spool) design reduces the reel weight significantly and generates less line coiling and much faster line retrieval.  The unique CNC machining on these reels gives the impression that the backing is floating above the arbor, creating significant air space under the backing, which promotes faster backing drying. Wet backing is the leading cause of corrosion in fly reels, and the G-Spool design dries 14 times faster than traditional designs.
We stock the Clear Anodized Reel because scrapes and dings from general use don't show as much 
  • Line Weights 9-10
  • Diameter 4.5 in
  • Width 1.2 in
  • Weight 8.3 oz
  • Backing Capacity (Dacron) 225 (30)lb
  • Backing Capacity (Gel Spun) 410 (50)lb
  • Drag System Fully Sealed

Category: 10 Weight, 9 Weight

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