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Tacky Day 3x5 Pack
Tacky Day 3x5 Pack
Tacky Day 3x5 Pack  - 2
Tacky Day 3x5 Pack  - 3

Tacky Fly Fishing

Tacky Day 3x5 Pack

$ 19.95

The Tacky Day 3x5 Pack is the perfect fly box for the angler that likes a minimal approach to fly fishing. With its small size and durable construction it would be a great box to set up for that backpacking trip into the high sierra with an assortment of terrestrials and flashy nymphs.    
  • Small, light, sleek, compact
  • Clear lid for visible access to flies
  • Patent pending bi-directional slit insert
    • Holds up to 180 flies
  • Latch-less mangnetic closure system
    • Long lasting durability
    • Durability tested
  • Extremely durable polycarbonate box
  • Double sided lanyard hook system
  • New hinge stop


5″   3″  x  3/4″

3.1 oz