Hatch 4 Plus Gen II Fly Reel

If money were no object I'd have an army of Hatch Reels. A totally sealed drag delivers silky smooth performance wrapped up in a bombproof exterior. The Hatch 4 Plus in mid arbor is my favorite 6wt trout reel.

        • Line Weights 4-6wt
        • Diameter 3.425"
        • Width .9"
        • Weight 4.9 oz
        • Backing Capacity 20# Hatch Dacron Backing:
          • LA WF4F-120Y, WF5F-110Y, WF6F-88Y;
          • MA WF4F-165Y, WF5F-150Y, WF6F-120Y

Category: 4 Weight, 5 Weight, 6 Weight

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