Sage Method 796-4 Fly Rod - Excalibur

Configuration: 9ft 6in 7wt
Favorite Rods:  All Time Sage Method 796-4 | Tippet Protection R.L. Winston 796-4 | Budget Mid Price Beulah 799-4 |  Budget Low Redington Vice 796-4 |

My 796-4 Sage Method has been appropriately nicknamed "Excalibur" in that I believe this rod allows me to make casts I couldn't make with any other rod. I use the Sage 9ft 6in 7wt Method for streamer fishing for browns, throwing mouse patterns, Bone fishing, Baby Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Atlantic Salmon in Iceland, Coastal Steelheading, and the list continues. The beauty of this rod is it throws 8wt fly lines like an absolute champ and is quite fast making it ideal for accurately presenting the fly at distance and in wind. While I do believe the 796-4 Sage Method posses something special; you can have many of the positive benefits of the 796-4 in some of the other brands and price points that we offer. 

While Excalibur has some super powers; it can't do it alone. I have built up a collection of lines that make this rod one of the most versatile fly rods I own. 
  • For Stripers in the bay I use an Intermediate (slow sink 1-2ips) 8wt outbound shooting head. I also use a 250 grain OPST with a set of Mow light sink tips at bring the whole head weight to 330 grains. 
  • For Bonefish, Redfish, Snook and Baby Tarpon I use a 8wt Rio Bonefish Quickshooter. 
  • For Atlantic Salmon I use a Scandinavian Style shooing head in 270 grains with a light 10 versitip kit. 
  • When I am fishing large streamers for brown trout I generally use a line ranging from a floating Rio Outbound short to a Rio 24ft 300 grain sink tip depending on the depth and speed of the river. 

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