Airflo Skagit Compact G2 Head

With the Skagit casting revolution, fishing big flies and heavy tips became much easier and more fun.The next generation of Skagit, the Airflo Skagit Compact G2 is perfection refined. 

A shorter length and longer rear taper along with some new chemistry allow you to throw longer, tighter loops with less effort and more control.The Airflo scientists created a rear, blue section that floats higher for easier mending and a denser tip to drive further with less hinging. The Skagit Compact G2 is truly a gem of a line.

  • 10 sizes from 450-750 grains & 23-26' in length
  • Ultra-supple Polyfuse XT coating remains fishable in the coldest conditions
  • Low stretch Power Core and Super-DRI high technology

Category: Skagit, Spey

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