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Dirty Bird Olive


Dirty Bird Olive

$ 2.90

Ken Morrish's Dirty Bird was a long overdue update of the classic birds nest.  Sporting a tungsten bead at the front of the fly it is the perfect choice if you are looking to get an October Caddis imitation deep into that perfect run.  This flies versatility is unmatched.  From swinging across runs, to traditional nymphing, and even effective when fished as a small baitfish  in small streams you will be hard pressed to find a trout who won't drool at its sight. Utilizing a partridge soft hackle collar for perfectly splayed legs, just the right amount of flash to simulate the air bubble the caddis latches onto while swimming up during emergence, and a seemingly perfect "buggy" silhouette no box is complete without various sizes and colors of this popular caddis imitation. 

Notes on the Designer

Ken Morrish is a fourth generation Fly Fisher and Fly Tyer who has guided throughout Alaska, Oregon, and California. Currently residing in Ashland Oregon he has truly become a household name in the fly tying and fly fishing world.  Using innovative techniques and a fishability first mindset he has created some of the fishiest flies on the market.