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Fishing Report

CA Delta Fly Fishing Report - Steve Santucci 7/23

Steve Santucci Reports:

Small Mouth Fishing is the best game in town.  Stripers and Largemouth are slow and the Smallies are redhot.  Great time to take a child fishing because the action is torrid and the fish will hit all day long.

No need to be on the water at first light for Smallies. We use a popper dropper setup and sometimes you will get a double. Fun Fishing! Striper fishing will be...

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report - Giligan's Guide Service 7/23

Matt Koles Reports:

Little high and off color, the Truckee River that is. Can’t believe I’d be saying that. Been raining every afternoon and pretty hard in places. Rivers been blown out the last three afternoons. The weather changes so quick up here. Last week it was topping out at 95 degrees here in the Hirsch, and it was about in the 60′s today. Thank God. Fishing, well, still been pretty...

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report- Matt Heron 7/23

The Truckee has been fishing very well this week using many of the normal summer ‘go-to’s’. Our guides are have been talking about streamer fishing slowing down some, but indicator set ups have been on point. We’re getting fish on golden stones and crays as our attractor fly, followed by size 16 PMD nymphs, and caddis droppers.
If you’re looking for the dry fly thing,...
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Caught, Released, and Eaten By Racoons


With warmer weather comes warmer water temps. Warmer water has less oxygen and increases the risk of fish mortality. This is not about judgement; it is simply about moving forward. Fishing the Truckee River on a Monday morning and seeing the number of dead fish is quite the eye opener on just how poorly anglers are treating the resource. We are all guilty of mishandling a fish but I urge to...

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Fly Fishing The 50/80 Gap

By Tayler Wells

Heading up the Valley you see a massive change in your surroundings. You will notice a change from flat, lush farmland, to smooth golden rolling hills dotted with ancient oak trees that seem to usher you into the foothills of the great Western Sierra Nevada Mountains. I grew up in these mountains, making the creeks, lakes and mountains my playground and backyard, the home of my...

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A Toast to Steelhead with Fly Fishing Host, Photographer &...

A Toast to Steelhead with Fly Fishing Host, Photographer & Writer – Jeff Bright -

When: July 30th 5:30 pm-7:30pm

Where: Lost Coast Outfitters

Come join Lost Coast Outfitters for evening with Jeff Bright.

Jeff will give a presentation about fly fishing for anadromous fish 365 Days a year, while you sip some specially selected scotchs and beers for the evening.

About Jeff:

In summary, Jeff Bright is a flyfisher committed to the celebration, pursuit and conservation of wild sea-run fish, wherever they swim. In support of those activities, Jeff is a flyfishing writer, photographer, travel specialist/host and graphic designer. His published works include the book Found in a River: Steelhead & Other Revelations (Frank Amato Publications, 2002, HB), magazine articles in Chasing Silver, Fish & Fly, Fly Fisherman, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, California Fly Fisher, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Fly Fusion and The Contemporary Sportsman, where he also contributes a regualr column titled The Sea-run Angle. His photography has appeared in galleries and periodicals including American Angler, Catch Magazine, Steelhead & Salmon Journal, The Drake, The Fly Fish Journal and on numerous covers of California Fly Fisher. Fine art prints of Jeff’s photographic works are owned and displayed by collectors of angling art throughout the Pacific Northwest and can frequently be seen as auction and raffle items serving fundraising events and campaigns for fish-focused non-profits from Alaska to Southern California. Jeff’s design clients include Wild Steelhead Coalition, California Trout, Native Fish Society, Smith River Alliance, California Coastal Conservancy and California Hydropower Reform Coalition. He is an agent and host for Nicholas Dean Lodge on the Skeena River in Terrace, hosts a week each summer at Blackwell’s Dean River Lodge, both destinations in British Columbia, and travels the world in search of angling opportunities for the biggest and brightest sea-run fish. Other agent/host relationships include Copper Bay Lodge on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia; Estancia Maria Behety on Rio Grande and Estancia Laguna Verde on Lago Strobel, both in Argentine Patagonia and in association with The Fly Shop; and Grand Varzuga Camp on the Varzuga River and Umba Lodge on the Umba River, both on Russia’s Kola Peninsula and in association with Salmon Junkies.

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Fall River Proposal Fall River has held a special place in my...

Fall River Proposal

Fall River has held a special place in my heart since the first time I fished it, 12 years ago. Its dead calm evenings, enormous sky, magical evening glow, and Mayflies big enough to take your lunch money make it truly a one of a kind place.

It seemed fitting to invite Rebecca, from Twin Bridges Montana, out to Fall River for our first date. We have been back for the hex hatch every year since (this was a our 3rd trip.)

Just before the first hex popped, during that awkward part of the night when your not sure if they are going to pop or not, I asked Rebecca if she’d marry me. Much to my surprise she said “yes.” We were rewarded with the good fortune of  catching a few nice fish during the hatch.

I discovered that there are two ways to make a guide cry. Loose a huge fish or propose in front of them.

Our Story

Rebecca and I met in college through facebook. I sent her a message, as she was the only other person at University of San Francisco that had fly fishing as an Interest. We made plans to go to the casting ponds. On our way to the ponds we picked up a 6 pack and casted for an hour or two. Come to find out Rebecca’s father had owned a fly shop outside of Hamilton Montana and she was not interested in learning anything from a California kid. We didn’t see each other again until she walked into Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters with her dad to pick out a fly rod for graduation. She recognized me in one of the videos and said to Keith Westra “Hey! I went to school with that guy"  Keith replied that I was upstairs. She stopped by my office to say hello.

A few years later, Rebecca was pulled over by a cop. She sneakily took a picture of the cop and posted it on facebook with a caption like "F my morning” That same morning I got pulled over by that very cop and talked my way out of the ticket by showing him his picture on facebook. I sent her a message telling her what happened and we caught up for a few. Like so many times before I dind’t see or hear from her for a few more months.

it wasn’t until she called looking for a restaurant recommendation for one of her “Montana Mafia” dinners. She invited tech people in SF to dinner occasionally where the would tell stories of their mother land. As polite as she is, she knew she couldn’t ask me for a recommendation and not invite me. So she did and luckily for me they had outdoor seating which allowed me to bring my secret weapon, 4 month old Diesel.

From then on we spoke everyday, and I invited her on a trip up to Fall River she agreed to go. We packed up and headed north. On our way up an Range Rover pulling a trailer rolled just in front of us. I quickly pulled over and helped the people out of their vehicle while Rebecca called the police. We seemed to make a pretty good team and I can’t say it didn’t help my image.

We had an incredible time with Val fishing the hex hatch, hanging with our dogs, exploring old barns, and looking for Native American trails and camps.

We haven’t stopped fishing, laughing, traveling, partying, exploring and camping since then. We are very blessed.

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Mercer's Bead Head Epoxy Biot Golden Stonefly

The Story of Mercer’s Bead Head Epoxy Biot Golden Stonefly

Mike Mercer is a truly exceptional modern fly tyer, notably for his clever uses of natural and synthetic materials. His ingenious series of “Poxyback” mayfly nymph patterns exemplifies this ability to mash up materials to create a wildly effective fly.

Mercer’s Bead Head Epoxy Biot Golden Stonefly is the logical extension of the Poxyback...

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The Sage Circa 4 Weight Review - By George Revel I want to...

The Sage Circa 4 Weight Review - By George Revel

I want to premise this with the fact that I am very critical of fly rods. I don’t believe in buying a new rod because there is a newer version out, but rather fishing the great rods whenever they were made. Now, I have to admit there was a time in my life where I was caught up in fast rods that were capable of great feats of casting. 15 years later my taste in fly rods has developed to appreciate the fish fighting capabilities of softer action rods. Think about it; How is a fast action rod (or stiff rod) going to act as a dampening tool when fighting fish compared with a softer action fly rod. I had been going through a tough streak landing fish for the past couple of years especially when fishing light tippets. For me that all that changed when I switched to the Sage Circa.

The Sage Circa blends beautifully the casting and fish fighting needs of technical dry fishing.


Click here to buy the Sage Circa 4 weight.

The Sage Circa 4wt is the best light tippet dry fly rod made.

A bold statement, yes. I am writing this review have just spent the past 4 weeks fishing this rod all over California and Montana. Rarely do I come across a product that makes fishing legitimately more enjoyable.


Week 1 Eastern Sierra - The East Walker River. Memorial day weekend 10 of us went over to Bridgeport for 4 days of fishing, camping,, drinking, and food. I must say we did it right. Meals ranged from bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning to a 5.5lb porterhouse in the evening. Even a drunken concoction called the Flambinkie (A Twinkie fired in the grease of a 5.5lb porterhouse soaked and flambeed in Jim Bean with a chocolate marshmallow garnish) was invented… Mixed reviews on the Flambinkie.  Back to the rod…  We booked out Scerine Ranch in Nevada which offers several private miles of the E. Walker. The Water was low and the fish were spooky. I fished a dry dropper rig to spooky fishing shallow water. Size 22 and 24 nymphs on 6x are what it took to get these fish. The Sage Circa delivered the size 10 Chubby Chernobyl I was using as my top fly beautifully. I landed fish up to 17 inches with ease. The tip was perfectly soft to protect the tippet while the but offered plenty of beef to land larger trout. A few photo’s from this trip. 


Week 2 Montana - Nelson’s Spring Creek. The very next weekend we flew into Bozeman where I had a few meetings with Simms and Bozeman Reel Company. Nelsons Spring Creek is about 45 minutes out of Bozeman and offers an incredible fishing experience especially when the river are blown out like they are now. To fool the big fish here it took 9ft 7x Rio Suppleflex Trout Leader with a size 24 Midge tied to the back of 22 CDC Ant. Not only that is took a perfect presentation. The Circa kicked ass all the way through the perfectly still morning to the windy afternoon.


Week 3 Northern Ca : The McCloud River - Oh man one of my favorite places in the world. We hit it right! hatches galore - Golden Stones, Salmon Flies, PMDs, Green Drakes, BWO, and more. If I wasn’t fishing dries or a dry dropper rig; I was swinging a Tungsten Bead Red Squirrel followed with a smaller soft hackle. Holy smokes do these fish fight hard! There is no other rod I would have rather had with me.


Week 4 the North Fork of Yuba : Every year I take 20 people to the North Fork of the Yuba River as Part 2 of a Class I teach through Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club. This killer stream has tons of eager trout that will jump at dries and is perfect for beginning anglers. The Sage Circa, no surprise, kicked ass fishing the pocket water of the North Fork Yuba River.

I now own this rod and am excited to take it out on the Fall River in the 1st week of July for the Hex hatch and to the Bitteroot Valley in Montana the 2nd week of August.

Price: $850 Click here to buy the Sage Circa 4 weight.

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