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Sebastian Seduces the Stanislaus

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By Sam Arkin 

A week or two ago friend of the store Jeff came in wondering where he might take his six year old son Sebastian to get him into some fish in some kid friendly water.  I had recently returned from a terribly dry trip over 108 towards Bridgeport but had experienced some good fishing fortune tight-lining the middle fork of the Stanislaus close to the Eureka Valley Campground with golden stones and rainbow warriors.   (For those who have never done it- driving from the Bay Area over the Sonora pass towards Bridgeport is glorious and fishy all the way there.)

The water in and around the campground is child size and fun for adults as well, and Jeff thought he might give it a try.  Today he came into the shop and gave the best news of all- he and his son made the trip and even better, Sebastian got into a bunch of fish! The next bit of news stunned me- Sebastian tied his own fly, already for us at the shop the happy sign of a burgeoning fish bum.  And yet more great news- he hooked a fish on it!  Sebastian, we here at the shop salute you - congratulations young man!  Come show us the pattern and we will tie up some "Sebastian's Seekers" for you!

Sebastian with one of his 6 fish and his own fly

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