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Putah Creek Fishing Report August 5th

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Putah Creek Fishing Report

August 6th

Submitted by Sam Arkin 

Casey's Fish 

Putah is a great place to get your trout fix right now- the water comes out cold and in this difficult trout Summer we encourage you to give it a try.  I feel compelled to write again after a long talk with friend of the shop and Putah devotee Casey Harris yesterday.  As any of you who fish Putah often know, the place has been defined by a narrow set of flies for decades: the smallest of Zebra midges with a San Juan worm under a bobber.  Those of us (well mostly me!) who fish Putah all the time have wondered about other approaches..I mean there are crayfish everywhere! Surely we can dance them along the bottom and euro our way into a monster! Well Casey pranced into the shop yesterday and I could tell from his beatific smile that something special had happened at Putah.  And sure enough it had! Steve had suggested he fish a jawbreaker in crayfish orange in the Eastern Sierras, and on a whim Casey rigged the thing up with about 6 feet of fluorocarbon on a floating line....and wham!

Casey's Fish with the Jawbreaker Firmly in Place 

The fish of his Putah life.  And while the jawbreaker wasn't dancing along the bottom Euro style, it somehow crawfished its way into a seriously awesome fish.  I suppose the message is keep experimenting, and don't give up on Putah! 


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