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Just Another Surf Fishing Story..

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By Sam Arkin

Growing up in the inner sunset I spent a lot of time at ocean beach and a fair amount of time thinking about the great whites that cruise around the shore.  I was vaguely aware that the Farallon Islands were a place sharks liked to congregate, although I tried not to thing too much about how many might be lurking around.  I comforted myself with the knowledge gleaned from a friend who surfs that sharks aren't really that into us, and that the ratio of fat to calories expended does not justify eating a human deep in some primordial calculus within them.  I confess I also wondered how accurately this calculation occurs in the moment and whether it can be relied upon! 

Yesterday we got an order for a stripping basket from Lizzy Masotta.  I called her to confirm and she told me the most extraordinary story.  Her husband was fishing the surf in Pacifica when he heard a long distance swimmer screaming that he had been attacked by a great white.  Her husband Thomas used the waist strap from his stripping basket to create a tourniquet and the basket itself to prop up the man's leg.  Paramedics arrived quickly and the victim is up and walking.  Much to our chagrin Thomas has yet to catch a fish in the surf! We can only imagine the the fish gods smile on this act of kindness Thomas, and we send out our sincere hope that you catch a monster (although not a great white!) in the surf very soon.

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